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Anger and Aggression

Many parents send an angry child to her room to "calm down." After all, what else can we do? We certainly can't reason with her when she's furious. It's no time to teach lessons or ask for an apology. She needs to calm down. But it's worth considering whether that's the best option in dealing with anger. Imagine being angry at your partner. What if they said "Go calm down; come back when you can talk about this politely." Would you feel heard? Would you start to calm down? Or might you explode? 

What can we do instead? We can help our children learn to manage their anger responsibly.

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10 Tips To Help Your Child With Anger

All kids need parental help to learn how to manage their anger. Here are ten tips for teaching your child healthy anger management in everyday life.

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When Your Child Gets Angry: The Crash Course

When our kids get angry, it pushes buttons for most of us. It's no time to teach lessons or ask for an apology. Here's how to stay calm and help your child.

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When Your Child Gets Angry: The Cheat Sheet

Post this on your refrigerator until it comes naturally!

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When Your Child Hits You: A Script

Here's your script to regain your calm and head off future hitting.

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When Your Toddler Hits You: A Script

When toddlers hit, they need us to set firm limits to stop them -- while we help them feel safe and understood.

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